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Our Town
Amanda and Asin live in Jtucky. (aka Jasonville, IN.) It is excessively small. (It does have some suburbs though including, Midland, Vicksburg, Howesville, and Coalmont.)In fact, unless you know us you most likely have no idea where it is (near Terre Haute). Pointless Fact: If you have heard of Feezel (actually spelled like Weasel), they graduated from our Highschool/Jr. High/Elementary combined. Tay on the otherhand, lives in the exciting town of Clinton, IN, on the Northern shore of Terre Haute. It sucks just as much as Jtucky

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Jones, Asin, Tay

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Please email us! All we ever get is junk mail and anything would be appreciated from a fellow "Pez Head!" Send us everything from your junk mail, to stupid forwards about how your crush wont marry you if you dont continue sending this. etc... It bloody doesnt mater. Stalk us if you like.