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A brief description of the members of Dysfunktional Pez
Little Miss Jones and SenĂ²r TAY

Jones (the comedian who adds the bass line)
Full Name:Amanda Paige Jones
Nicknames: Jones, Age, Bananda, Manda, Homeless girl,The Girl with the Tape on her pants
Placing of house:Main Street
Occupation: Jesus Christ Superstar
Fav Movie:I have a big top 10 list!
Fav DP song: Biys Scuk!
Fav food: ramen noodles
Fav Store: Hot Topic and Pac Sun
Fav Brand of Shoe: Vans!
Tay"the freak who adds lyrics to our otherwise speechless performance"
Full Name:Dustin Michael Taylor
Nickname: Tay(HA i only gots one)
Placing of House: My basement in Clinton
Occupation: retired jiggalo
Fav Movie: Train Spotting, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Half Baked(are you catching a theme yet?)
Fav DP song: Biys Scuk
Fav Store: Hot Topic and Spencers
Fav Brand of Shoe:G-Spots(aka Sha-Sha's)