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The Band
We try to be a band, but we're not really, but we are. Understand? Then explain it to me cuz we don't. Basically, we're a band, but not. If you knew us, then you'd be able to understand that at least. We're going through many trials and tribulations right now. Controversies too complex for you to understand. All in good time though, all in good time! Pictured to the right is the original Dysfunktional Pez. Once we get pictures of the new us, we'll get them posted for your viewing pleasure.

Pez History
Dysfunktional Pez was formed because Asin and Jones were left out at a concert (Cadet and Calibretto 13) because everyone they hung out with was in a band except for them. They decided to start a band. Asin was to play drums and Jones was to play bass. Even though they didnt have a set or a bass, they'd make due for the time being. On the way home they came up with T-shirt designs and mottos (which totally rock!)Ash ,their other friend, was gonna play guitar for them. Though she couldnt play guitar but it didnt matter because they couldnt play instruments either! They soon progressed, had T-shirts made and Asin got a drum set.They later asked their friend Julia to be the lead singer, cuz they couldn't sing. They decided to kick their first guitarist Ash out cuz she never wanted to do anything. Then they kicked Julia out because they thought it would be fun. For a while it was just Asin and Jones the chicks who started it all, until they dubbed Tay ,a guy from some far away place, to sing for them and it didnt matter that he couldn't come to practice because after all DP is fake.

The way Dysfunktional Pez got their name was from a day of infamy... Not really (just sounded good). One day, Asin and her friend Stefan were chillin at her house and eating some pez (very delicious I might add) and Asin had been saying Dysfunktional all day long (because she says crazy words alot)and Stefan couldn't get the pez dispensor to work so he called it Dysfunktional and so, Dysfunktional Pez came about.

Some of our biggest influences include, Calibretto 13, Render One, Feezel, Cadet, Thousand Foot Krutch P.O.D. and almost every underground punk band you can think of.