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"The band, not the candy!"

This page consists of the mindless ramblings of Dysfunktional Pez.

We must insist that you become mindless zombies and worship our endless prattle and ramblings. For more information please contact using our contact page!

When you finish reading everything on the page, read it all again and again.

Dysfunktional Dates
Dysfunktional Pez was formed- 8/3/01
Members were informed that they are in a band- 8/5/01
Asin bought her pearl drum set- 8/13/01
Lead singer search- 9/4/01
Julia becomes our vocalist-9/6/01
Ash was kicked outta the band-10/2/01
Cecil turns himself in-10/15/01
Jones moves 11/21/01
We popped Corn-dog's concert cherry 12/07/01
Jordan "Opie" Lyday passed away-12/29/01
Tay becomes singer and everyone beside asin and jones are kicked out- 1/23/02
Travis and Alysin hook up-2/28/02
TAY learns the websites ultra secret password and starts reeking havok on the site...BWAAHAHAHA-9/2/02
Is this the end of TAY in Dysfunktional Pez??? could be.... decisions decisions...-10/14/02
guess TAY didn't leave... oh well you guys might get lucky next time-10/21/02
Mandah is banned from shows-11/17/02
The page gets updated by Asin 1/21/03
Tay starts cleansing process... its gonna be hard...2/26/03
theres a big change on the way... BUM BUM BUM what could it be???3/20/03
ASiN is kicked out of the band... the new Drummer search has begun...
Owned an operated by:
Asin:Jones:(bass)"the comedian"
Tay(vox) "the freak"

Recents Happenings in Pezness
A major change in DySFUNKTioNaL PeZ... there are only two members as of now....TAY & MANDAH....

Jones's Field
Could a cereal killer be lurking in your area? We wanna know about him or her! OR IT!